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The 2016 Racial Draft

PuertoRicanJohnnie April 2016

Jared Fogle

Welcome to the 2016 Racial Draft!

When Chappelle’s Show introduced the first ever Racial Draft in 2008, the Wu-Tang Clan became Asian and Tiger Woods became officially black.

This year's draft order:

  1. Whites

  2. Spanish

  3. Jewish

  4. Asians 

  5. Blacks

Notable Releases:

Rachel Dozeal (blacks)

Charlie Sheen (spanish)

Sammy Sosa (spanish)

Tela Tequila (asians)

Justin Bieber (whites)


Now 8 years later, some of the world's biggest celebs are up for grabs between 5 different races...


This "draft" is purely fictional and based on the individual opinions of our staff.  It is not intended to offend or disrespect anyone.  If you are sensitive, easily offended, or live in your feelings like Baby Williams, we strongly suggest that you do not continue.  If you want a couple laughs, then proceed. -FFB

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