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Fastfoodnews - The Top Fast Food Stories of 2015...

PuertoRicanJohnnie December 2015



Here we take a look back at the biggest fast food related stories of  2015,

from shit bags to green poop. Let us know your favorite!


Jared Fogle

This is not the fault of Subway at all, that's why the Jared Fogle story falls at #6. However, he was the face of the company and his actions were utterly despicable giving new meaning to Subway's slogan...(too soon?)

#6: Eat Fresh?

#5: Get faded at the bell

Taco Bell

Taco Bell was the first major fast food chain to introduce alcohol in the U.S. in September this year.  On Sept. 22, Taco Bell Cantina officially opened in Chicago allowing windy-city patrons to get zooted while enjoying a quesadilla.  The Bell hopes to open up at least 9 more "cantinas" over the next year.

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