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Fastfoodnews - The Top Fast Food Stories of 2015...

PuertoRicanJohnnie December 2015



Here we take a look back at the biggest fast food related stories of  2015,

from shit bags to green poop. Let us know your favorite!


Jared Fogle

Domino's made ordering your favorite food easier than ever by allowing consumers to place orders via text, smart tv's, emojis, and even twitter. Do they still even have phones?

#4: Order via emoji, text...

#3: More trick than treat

Taco Bell

Halloween brought us the [in]famous black Whopper from Burger King.  The burger has actually been on the menu in Japan for some time now.  However, rather than using squid ink to create a black bun as the do in the far East, the U.S. version called for very very very dark green food coloring (true black food coloring doesn't exist).  It didn't take long for the word to spread about the changes to your stool color.  Philadelphia Eagle's fans can relate. #BleedGreenShitGreen.

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