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Fastfood News

A look back at the top fast food stories of 2015
PuertoRicanJohnnie December 2015


Here we take a look back at the biggest fast food related stories of  2015, from shit bags to green poop. #1 might SURPRISE YOU or save your rectum!  Let us know your favorite!

Off Topic - The REAL top 10 rappers...

PuertoRicanJohnnie November 2015


The staff at Billboard set the internet on fire ealrier this month with a their interpretation of The Greatest 10 Rappers Of All Time.  Most notably, Tupac was conspicuously left off the list while Kendrick Lamar made the cut.  At first glance the list seems almost insultingly flawed.  However, it was actually geniusly perfect.  The list was actually designed with the sole intent of "stirring the pot", creating a discussion, and stimulating some web traffic.  With that said we believe that all "Top 10" lists are subjective, dynamic, and are purely the OPINION of any fan.  So without further ado, here is our list...



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