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Off Topic - The REAL top 10 rappers...

PuertoRicanJohnnie November 2015



1.Jay-Z (self explanitory, plus the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain...and ring)


2.Tupac (self explanitory, you can't deny it)


3.The Notorious BIG (self explanitory, BABY BABY!)


4.Kanye West (Ye' continues to grow and reinvent himself every album, creating a unique sound that almost puts him in a category of his own. He's lyrically dope, and global icon for Hip Hop. He also made it cool to wear tight polos and backpacks)


5.Drake (Drizzy made it cool to sing and be emotional while at the same time dropping some record breaking records and albums, almost every feautre he has done has been a hit and this summer he caught is first body with his singing ass)


6.Lil' Wayne (Weezy F.  has been a monster for over 10 years, crossing over to different genres, and murdering [free]mixtapes, albums and features. It's a shame he didn't get paid like it)


7.Eminem (self explanitory, you better lose yourself)


8.Andre 3000 (self explanitory, forever? forever ever? forever ever?)


9.Ludacris (Chris Lover Lover has been distinctly and consisitently verastile with several hit albums and feautres, he has helped grown hip hop without the typical thugs and drugs content found in the music of his peers. They should have had him on the original version.)


10. DMX (With X, what you see is what you get. Never afraid to keep it 100 and speak his mind and by far one of the realest MCs to ever touch a mic.  DMX brought real grit and hardness to the Eastcoast rap scene.  Lyrically he was skilled and  the energy he brought to a track is unmatched. [sound of a dog growling])


Honorable Mention (WHY NOT?)


Scarface (Not enough space on the list - 5 years ago he would've made it.)


LL Cool J  (Same as face...)


Ice Cube (Very impactful but more part of a movement than being the movement.)


Snoop Dogg  (Very close but as time goes on...)


Mos Def (One of the deepest and smartest but his core base and market are too small.)


50 Cent (Definitely a mogul and figurehead in rap, the other guys are better rappers period.)


Nas (Still has a "1 hot album per 10 year average".)


Fabolous  (Fab would probaly sneak into a top 15 or 16 on the merit alone that he has done a lot in his career with little help or gimmicks. No Diddy, no Dupree, no Dr.Dre, no cash money from Baby, and no rocs from Jay)


T.I.  (Tip is another top 15 or 16 pick, the list just isn't long enough for him.)


Lupe Fiasco (Very deep, very smart, kinda wierd sometimes though.)


T-Pain (Teddy Bendherassdown reintroduced a sound that his been used by almost every artist on this list at some point, a sound that 95% of "top" artists rely on and build thier careers on. Only reason he didn't make the cut is because of catalog depth.)

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