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Why surveys?
Who we are

FASTFOODBUCKS is a consolidated survey and review website centered around the Fast Food  industry.  This site was inspired and created by people just like you.  You work hard for your money and when you spend it you expect and deserve excellent service.  There are times where you have a great experience at a restaurant and there are times when you don't.  However, we all know that more times than not, the service we receive is less than excellent.  This site is a tool for you to publicly and efficiently express your opinions and questions without having to visit several different restaurant websites.  More about us...

Think about it. What's the first thing you do after receiving an order from a fast food restaurant?  If you check the bag to make sure everything you ordered is there, or you check your sandwiches to make sure they're correct, then you are like most Americans, we all do it.  The reality is that not all Fast Food restaurants are the same, some are great while others are horrible.  The best way to cure this problem is to bring awareness to the Fast Food Companies and awareness amongst ourselves. With that said, many of the comments from these reviews will be posted on Facebook andTwitter for the world to see.GET STARTED

Money, real money!  With each survey submission you will be entered in for a weekly drawing for a VISA gift card!  Most Fast Food companies offer either something small like $2 off your next combo, or something virtually impossible to win such as an ipad or Xbox.  WE, on the other hand are going to issue a VISA gift card to winners in the amount of 1X, 2X, or 3X of the total value of the winning receipt. So if you spend $15 you could easily win $45 for simply filling out a survey! It's that simple!! NO CATCH! See full Terms and Conditions.


Your voice WILL be heard!  Most companies simply collect reviews and address only the numerical data without even reading the actual comments and suggestions of their consumers. Other review sites merely collect information from consumers and then in turn sell that information to various companies.  However, WE  will regularly post select comments, good or bad via our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Also, WE will NOT sell any information that we collect to other companies.


EASY! Rather than having to visit several different company websites to submit a lengthy review with unnecessary and redundant questions, WE offer an easy and simple method all in one location.  That's more time to enjoy those burgers, fries and drinks with less hassle.

So what's in it for YOU?

Giving out more money than everyone else... COMBINED!!!

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