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Mario S.

Taco Bell - Mesa, AZ

PROS: "Food tastes great."

CONS: "Forgot parts of my meal."

"I like eating there, but I just wish they wouldn't forget items from my order so often."

Donald Y.

Burger King - Oakland, CA

PROS: "Food tastes great."

CONS: None.

"I like eating there, people are always friendly.

Jason S.

McDonald's - Los Angeles, CA

PROS: "Dollar Menu!"

CONS: None.

"Will forever love their Dollar Menu"

Austin N.

McDonald's - Hercules, CA

PROS: "Fries are the best!"

CONS: "Too slow"

"Need to get some better time management, food took way too long. "

Lee A.

Taco Bell - Los Angeles, CA

PROS: "Breakfast Burritos"

CONS: None.

"There's nothing better than a fresh made breakfast burrito!"

Lorren M.

Carl's Jr. - Fresno. CA

PROS: None.

CONS: Cashier.

"Got into an argument with the cashier after she messed my order up, TWICE! Very rude and disrespectful."

Linda W.

In-N-Out Burger - Mesa, AZ

PROS: "Fast service"

CONS: None.

"Their name speaks for itself!"

Henry M.

McDonald's - Los Angeles, CA

PROS: "Sausage Biscuit w/Cheese!"

CONS: None.

"My mornings don't start until I have my Sausage Biscuit w/Cheese!"

Steven R.

Subway - Pixely, CA

PROS: "$4-Foot Longs"

CONS: "Customer Service"

"Their $4 deals are just what I'm looking for during lunch time! What I'm not looking for are rude comments and snickers from the employees."

Bruce T.

KFC - Seattle, WA

PROS: "Chocolate cake is great"

CONS: None.

"My family always gets the chocolate cake for dessert. Love it!"

Stanley B.

Taco Bell - Henderson, NV

PROS: "MILD Service"

CONS: "Tables were a HOT mess."

"Lol Puns aside, seriously, they need to clean the tables thoroughly between customers visits."

Orin Y.

McDonald's - Phoenix, AZ

PROS: "Quality Service."

CONS: None.

"Other fast food places can take a lesson from here on how to be friendly, fast, and efficient."

Arnold C.

Jack In The Box - Kent, WA

PROS:  "Burgers are the best!"

CONS: "New-hires"

"I love getting my burgers from my man Jack! I just wish the new guys were a bit quicker."

Ty K.

Panda Express - Eugene, OR

PROS: "Good customer service."

CONS: None.

"Rangoons are DELICIOUS!"

Maryanne R.

Chick-Fil-A - San Jose, CA

PROS: "Food there is great!"

CONS: None.

"This is my favorite lunch spot! Gotta love those sandwiches!"

Ashley T.

Burger King - Sacramento, CA

PROS: "Ok service."

CONS: "A little slow."

"For the most part, their customer service was great! I just wish they had a little more hustle in their step."

Lauren W.

McDonald's - Seattle, WA

PROS: "Good service."

CONS: "Place was messy."

"I got served fast and received my food quickly, the only issue i have is that the condiment area was very messy."

Mitch G.

El Pollo Loco - Los Angeles, CA

PROS: "Good chicken."

CONS: "Whole place seemed sloppy."

"I like the food here a lot but its never very clean or organized here."

Ashley O.

Burgerville - Vancouver, WA

PROS "Milkshakes and Onion Rings."

CONS: "Location."

"I drive about 40 minutes just for the onion rings. Please build more!"

Latimore J.

In-N-Out Burger - Reno, NV

PROS: "Awesome burgers!."

CONS: None

"Animal Style is the only way to go!"

Hailey B.

Burger King - Tacoma, WA

PROS: "Great food"

CONS: "Long wait."

"I love the buffalo chicken strips!."

Jason P.

McDonald's - Montebello, CA

PROS: "Good service."

CONS: "Place was messy."

"I got served fast and received my food quickly, the only issue i have is that the condiment area was very messy."

Rocko M.

Mcdonald's - Phoenix, AZ

PROS: "Fast service."

CONS: None.

"Oreo McFlurry always hits the spot."

Ash L.

Papa John's - Mesa, AZ

PROS: "Pizza was good."

CONS: "Another long wait."

"2 pizzas to over 90 minutes to get here... again."

Donna H.

McDonald's - San Diego, CA

PROS:  "Order was correct."

CONS: "Bathroom was nasty."

"Bathroom was nasty and the service was average, nothing special."

Kelly H.

Domino's Pizza - Phoenix, AZ

PROS: "Delicious pizza and great service!"

CONS: None

"Ordered online and got the pan pizza, its AMAZING!!!"

Lynn S.

Rally's - Apple Valley, CA

PROS: None

CONS: "Order was incomplete smh"

"Long wait and after all that they didn't give me any sauce for my chicken strips."

Kendall R.

Sheetz - Reno, NV

PROS: "Large selection to choose from."

CONS:. None

"Food is always great and fast.  Worst part is deciding what to choose :)"

Joey W.

McDonald's - Riverside, CA

PROS: "Got served fast in and out."

CONS: None

"Got in and out quick on lunch break."

Hank C.

Burger King - Los Angeles, CA

PROS: "Food was good."

CONS:. "Much longer wait than normal."

Drive-thru line was extra long.

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