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At FASTFOODBUCKS, our mission is simple, "To amplify the voice of all consumers".

To do this, we developed this consolidated survey site to create a consistent and easy format for consumers to express their comments, ideas, and questions.  Most comments will be publicly posted on this site, Facebook, or Twitter.  We are not out to slander, berate, or criticize, any company or employee.  With so many options for consumers to choose from, we believe that service standards should not just be met by Fast Food companies, but exceeded.  Although we offer a potential monetary reward for completed surveys, we are not out to lure, lie to, or deceive consumers with inflated promises and gimmicks.  The monetary rewards that we offer are real and act simply as an incentive for participation.  Our operations are very transparent and should you feel the need tocontact us directly with any questions or concerns, please do.

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