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Neal H.

Burger King - Virginia Beach, VA

PROS: Food wasn't bad

CONS: None

"Cashier was very friendly."

Marissa J.

McDonald's - Philadelphia, PA

PROSOrder was correct

CONS: Cashier had an attitude and was rude

"Cashier was rude when taking my order over the speaker."

Franklin W.

Chick-fil-A - Hartford, CT

PROS: Very good food here

CONS: Very busy inside but handled well

"Food is always great and friendly people!"

Jamie W.

McDonald's - Petersburg, VA

PROS: No wait inside

CONS: Had to go back to get my McFlurry

"Overall service was good except they forgot my McFlurry."

Li X.

Pizza Hut - Wilmington, DE

PROSWings were delicious as usual

CONS: Long wait for a Tuesday night

"My food was very good and the wings were awesome as usual."

Aaron C.

McDonald's - Denver, CO

PROS: None

CONS: Burger was too greasy and fries weren't fresh

"My burger was very greasy and the bun was falling apart in my hand."

Jackson W.

Papa John's - Albuquerque, NM

PROS: Pizza was very good we love the garlic sauce

CONS: Driver got lost but was apologetic and nice

"Driver got lost some how, but was apologetic and nice."

Bailey S.

KFC - Maple Shade, NJ

PROS: $10 goes a long way

CONS: None

"Always my favorite place for great value."

Britney K.

Burger King - Pensacola, FL

PROS: Breakfast menu

CONS: Lunch menu

"I only get down with their awesome breakfast menu!"

Donald R.

McDonald's - South Lebanon, OH

PROS: Food was good

CONS: Forgot an order of fries

"Nice people but they forgot my fries and I had to drive back."

Lee A.

Burger King - Camden, SC

PROS: Chicken fries are awesome

CONS: None

"I always loved the chicken fries here. I hope they keep them this time."

Trisha B.

Taco Bell - Latrobe, PA

PROS: Good eats :-)

CONS: None

"Nice people, great location, no complaints."

William O.

Sheetz - Joppa, MD

PROSGreat sandwiches

CONS: Long wait time

"I love the sandwiches and hoagies at Sheetz! I just wished they were more staffed for faster service."

Jonathan M.

A&W Restaurant - Nicholasville, KY


CONS: Very rude attitudes

"Cashier seemed to be very irritable, looking at me like I was wasting his precious time being there."

Patricia H.

Taco Bell - Macon, GA

PROSFast and friendly service

CONS: None

"Received my food within a few minutes of placing my order. Now that's FAST FOOD!"

Sherry S.

Wendy's - Orange Park, FL

PROSPaid attention to detail

CONS: Long slow line

"Waiting in line was horrible, but the cashier was thoughtful enough to place different toys in my sons Kid's Meal."

Dominique P.

McDonald's - Brooklyn, NY


CONS: Forgot to give me my entire kids meal!

"Cashier was unfriendly, had to wait a long time and they forgot my kids meal!"

John N.

McDonald's - South Portland, ME

PROS: Fries were good

CONS: Nuggets were hard to chew

"I think my nuggets were over cooked pretty badly."

Ben R.

Culver's - Troy, OH

PROS: Burgers were amazing!

CONS: None

"By far the best burgers I've ever had from a fast food place."

Laura A.

KFC- Forest City, NC

PROS: Chocolate cake cake cake cake ;)

CONS: None

"Good family meal and a good price with dessert."

Logan W.

Wendy's - Boston, MA

PROS: Burgers were good

CONS: Baked potato seemed old and dry

"My baked potato looked like it had been sitting for a while."

Karyn W.

Burger King - Baltimore, MD

PROS: No lines

CONS: Messed up my order twice

"Go served fast but they messed up my burger twice, it was a simple order."

Bonnie C.

Jimmy John's- Lakeland, FL

PROS: Good food

CONS: Bad service

"Everyone seemed upset and unkind, employee that took my order seemed annoyed by me, very uncomfortable."

George P.

Sonic - Winchester, VA

PROS: Fast and friendly service

CONS: None

"I love how the employees come out on roller skates to take your order and bring you your meal!"

Carl W.

McDonald's - Chester, PA

PROS: Fast service

CONS: None

"Oreo McFlurry always hits the spot."

Jenna I.

McDonald's - Queens, NY

PROS: Order was correct

CONS: Bathroom was nasty

"Bathroom was nasty and the service was average, nothing special."

Ellen V.

Rally's - Gainesville, FL

PROS: None

CONS: My order was incomplete

"Long wait and after all that they didn't give me any sauce for my chicken strips!"

Champ C.

McDonald's - Ocala, FL

PROS: Got served fast

CONS: None

"Got in and out quick on lunch break"

April J.

Checkers - Philadelphia, PA

PROS: Location

CONS: Broken shake machine

"This place is usually decent at best.  It's near campus so it's convenient.  However tonight the shake machine was broken."

Carmen L.

Papa John's - Mobile, AL

PROS: Pizza was good.

CONS: Another long wait

"2 pizzas to over 90 minutes to get here... again"

Jordan C.

Burger King - Fairfield, CT

PROS: Fast service.

CONS: Shake machine was out of order.

"Drive-thru line was extra long."

Doug R.

Sheetz - Buckahannon, WV

PROS: Large selection to choose from.

CONS: None

"Food is always great and fast.  Worst part is deciding what to choose :)"

Bill P.

Domino's - Cherry Hill, NJ

PROS: Delicious pizza and great service!

CONS: None

"Ordered online and got the pan pizza, its AMAZING!!!"

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