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Aaron C.

McDonald's - Denver, CO

PROS: None

CONS: "Burger was greasy and fries weren't fresh."

"My burger was very greasy and the bun was falling apart in my hand."

Li X.

Pizza Hut - Aurora, CO

PROS: "Wings were delicious as usual."

CONS: "Long wait for a Tuesday night."

"My food was very good and the wings were awesome as usual."

Jaime W.

McDonald's - Carlsbad, NM

PROS: "No wait inside."

CONS: "Had to go back to get McFlurry."

"Overall service was good except they forgot my McFlurry."

Franklin W.

Chick-fil-A - Twin Falls, ID

PROS: "Very good food!"

CONS: "Very busy inside but handled well."

"Food is always great and friendly people!"

Marissa J.

Marissa J.

PROS: "Order was correct."

CONS: "Cashier had an attitude and was rude."

"Cashier was rude when taking my order over the speaker."

Neal H.

Arby's - Albuquerque, NM

PROS: "Food wasn't bad."

CONS: None

"Cashier was friendly."

Jimmy W.

Papa John's - Albuquerque, NM

PROS: "Pizza was pretty good love the garlic sauce."

CONS: "Driver got lost, but was friendly."

"Driver got lost some how, but was apologetic and nice."

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