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Donald S.

Taco Bell - Alexandria, LA

PROS: Breakfast is on point

CONS: None

"This is my new favorite breakfast place."

Dillan A.

Dominoes Pizza - Jackson, MI

PROS: Good pasta

CONS: Small serving

"Decided to try the chicken alfredo pasta bowl, it was pretty good but a small size."

Sean D.

Hardees - Pacific, MO


CONS:"Rude service."

"I'm come here often and normally everything is smooth and fast, today my cashier was rude as hell."

Camile O.

McDonald's - Dallas, TX

PROS:"New burger was decent."

CONS: None

"Tried the new clubhouse burger, it was pretty good."

George T.

Rally's - Fort Wayne, IN

PROS:"Employees were friendly."

CONS:"Lines on both sides were moving kinda slow."

"Love the chilli-cheesburgers!"

Carol T.

Five Guys - Grandville, MI

PROS:"Always a great friendly atmosphere."

CONS:"A little pricey."

"I love the food here, always perfect!"

Vannie M.

McDonald's - Calvert City, KY

PROS:"Fast service."

CONS:"Menu was dull and shabby."

"Sign advertised steak burrito but it was not available."

Jayel R.

Taco Bell - Orland Park, IL

PROS: "Got my food quick."

CONS:"Long drive thru line."

"Went inside to avoid drive thru line.  Cashier seemed overwhelmed but friendly."

Danni D.

Sonic - Rockford, WI

PROS:"Chili cheesedog ROCKS!"

CONS: None

"Everyone here is always super friendly."

Jackson W.

Burger King - Pine Bluff, AR

PROS:"My order was accurate."

CONS:"Too much confusion and no sense of urgency."


"This place seemed unorganized, alot of people waiting inside for food."

Jenny L.

McDonald's - Grand Rapids, MI

PROS:"In and out quick."

CONS: None

"Ordered 20 piece nuggets and scored an extra nugget lol!"

Parker W.

Taco Bell - Bryan, TX

PROS:"Doritos tacos are awesome."

CONS: None

"Average service great food."

Denise C.

Burger King - Flint, MI

PROS:"Order was correct."

CONS:"Fries were cold."

"Ordered the King Fish combo my fries were not hot at all!"

Jonathan T.

Subway - Ozona, TX

PROS:"Good deal for a decent sandwich."

CONS: None

"The BBQ pulled pork was pretty good and not too expensive."

Erica D.

Wendy's - Evansville, IN

PROS:"Pretzel Burger is back!"

CONS: None

"My favorite burger of all time."

Calvyn H.

Culver's - Milwaukee, WI

PROS:"Amazing burgers everytime!"


"Gotta love the Butter Burger."

Marco M.

McDonald's - Killeen, TX

PROS:"Food was good."

CONS:"Orange juice taste like orange water."

"Got the sausage Mcgriddle combo, everything was good except my juice tasted like it was watered down."

Carrisa D.

Burger King - Nashville, TN

PROS:"Fries were good and fresh."

CONS:"Whopper was dried out and had pickles."

"Asked for a whopper with no pickles and they failed me lol."

Vicki D.

Chick fil-a - Kansas City, KS

PROS:"Everyone here was very nice and friendly."

CONS: None

"Very nice staff and great milkshakes."

Omar W.

Arby's - Eden Prairie, MN

PROS:"Very good sandwich"

CONS:"Had to wait kinda long for my food."

"Very good change-up from a regular burger."

Julia A.

Pizza Hut - Monroe, LA

PROS:"Wings wings wings"


"The buffalo wings were incredible and the employees were friendly! "

Chester A.

KFC - St. Paul, MN

PROS: "Place was clean and people were nice."

CONS:"My food seemed way over cooked."

"My food seemed over cooked, more burned than crispy."

Kevin Y.

Krystal - Philadelphia, MS

PROS:"Breakfast is great here"


"I love the breakfast here, a lot to choose from and always good."

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