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Fastfoodnews - The Top Fast Food Stories of 2015...

PuertoRicanJohnnie December 2015



Here we take a look back at the biggest fast food related stories of  2015,

from shit bags to green poop. Let us know your favorite!


Jared Fogle

McDonald's single handedly changed the game of fast food by introducing all day breakfast...well, not really. Mickey D's built a quite a bit of hype for All Day Bfast, but the result was kinda blah.  With a very limited and inconsistent menu, both franchisees and consumers weren't completely won over by this new strategy.  Maybe they should let people pay with hugs again?

#2: ALL DAY N*##@ (kanye voice)

#1: Montezuma'$ revenge

Taco Bell

Chipolte ended 2015 in a downward trend...a steep downward trend. What was once one of the highest publicly traded fast food companies in the world is now embroiled in a food safety mess that has since been reflected in their stock performance.  In 2015 alone, the Mexican grill as been the source of several food born illness outbreaks most of which where Norovirus which is not deadly, but still serious and contagious.  In response to growing public concern as well as confusion, Chipolte's stock has fallen around 40% which is big money at $700+ per share.  Let's hope that La Cucaracha is not CMG's official theme song.

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